Best android phones 2012

in 2012, we saw the android smartphone world reach heights that i don’t imagine many predicted. connected out to spec front, 2012 was the year of quad-core processors, 2gb of ram, hd displays, longer battery lives, and incredibly skinny bodies. it's like merely yesterday that we both each were asking dl readers if these really suffered a dual-core or single-core phone, though here we are, with dual-core phones already turning into your issue as onto the past.
Best android phones 2012
there might be no a lot of than 3 months left of 2012 and during this post you’ll notice a number of the very best android phones that were and can be released this year. you’ll notice 12 smartphones from 2012 and another one from 2011 that has also been upgraded out to android 4. somewhat jelly bean many months ago.

you'll be able to notice smartphones released by samsung, lg, htc, huawei, motorola and sony. too, this post contains specs info of all smartphones and you simply compare them now by employing a unmarried post. almost all these phones are running the android 4. zero ics and also the latest android 4. somewhat jelly bean os.

connected out to manufacturer front, 2012 was the year that samsung proved therefore it terribly was the last word big fish as a result of we are half the most bowl full of minnows. we saw motorola take off its life identical to a google-owned company, htc struggle out to firmly make money even whereas releasing amazing phones, and lg take its flip such as the face as onto the nexus phone program.

1. Samsung Galaxy S3 (review)

No surprise here, but the Galaxy S3 tops my list of phones for 2012. It was hyped as much as the next iPhone, yet it still delivered. It launched with an impressive suite of sharing capabilities that no other phone had seen, it used a big beautiful display with a body that was slim enough to feel great in hand, and with 2GB of RAM, it almost never stuttered or slowed down. But most importantly, Samsung showed the world that it has power in the mobile world by releasing one version of the phone across all carriers. As expected, though, people were quick to downplay it at launch, but over its first couple of months in stores, Samsung sold millions upon millions of units, fully cementing themselves as number 1 in the world.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (review)

When Samsung originally launched the Galaxy Note, the world was introduced to a confusing product plus one of the worst mashup words ever created in “phablet.” Was the phone a tablet or a phone or the “best of both worlds”? Surprisingly enough, that question doesn’t matter as it was a massive success. So Samsung did what any smart company would do with a successful product – launch a follow-up. The Galaxy Note 2, like the Galaxy S3, has already shipped by the millions, and may have even been the most anticipated device to launch on Verizon in some time (even over the Galaxy S3 and DROID brand). It’s too big for my liking, but you can’t argue with the impressive set of features that Samsung has built in. Also like the Galaxy S3, it blew past the competition with innovative features like multi-window, advanced S Pen technology, and camera sharing capabilities.

3. LG Nexus 4 (review)

The Nexus 4, Google’s latest flagship device, has seen its share of ups and downs over its short life. It was hyped up for a couple of months in a variety of leaks, was never officially unveiled thanks to a hurricane, hated on because of its lack of LTE, and criticized mightily for its glass back. But you know what, to me, it’s still the 2nd best phone you can buy. It comes in at an unbelievably reasonable price of $299 (or $349), is the ultimate stock best android phones 2011 device since it’s the newest Nexus, carries future-proof specs, and isn’t tied to a carrier. It may be impossible to purchase, but that may also be a sign that Google has finally figured out a winning device formula.

4. HTC ONE X (review)

When HTC announced the One Series, which included the One X, the world was blown away. This was the new HTC, or at least one that was trying to make a comeback after a terrible end to 2011. The phone sported the best display in the business at the time, a best-in-class processor, the prettiest phone design we had ever seen, felt great in hand, was able to withstand a day’s beating on a single charge, and really set the standard for smartphones in 2012.

5. HTC DROID DNA (review)

Verizon passed up on the HTC One X in early 2012, something we weren’t sure we could forgive them for. Thankfully, they appear to have fully redeemed themselves by launching the world’s first 1080p smartphone, the DROID DNA. The device itself is beautiful to look at, is much smaller in stature than the Note 2, is surprisingly light and thin, has the best display in the business, actually lasts throughout a full day even with a semi-small battery, and carries top-of-the-line specs that few other phones contain. At $199 on contract, it’s also somewhat of a steal. Easily the best phone HTC has created since the next phone on our list, the One X.

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